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Repair Damaged Asphalt

Asphalt is composed of mineral aggregates, mainly sand and rock. The rocks vary in size, depending on the type of construction they're being used for. Over time, asphalt can break down and cracks and holes begin to appear.


Asphalt Maintenance has the experience and tools to repair any damage to your asphalt. Our step-by-step process will keep your areas free from holes and cracks.

Asphalt Maintenance is ADA compliant and adheres to all local fire codes. Call today to get a FREE estimate on our services.


Asphalt patching fixes isolated areas where asphalt is broken or damaged in any way. It can be done prior to sealcoating if your general asphalt is in good condition but there are only a few trouble spots. The asphalt repair process involves these steps:

1. We start by saw-cutting the edges of the patch to ensure there is a clean edge where the asphalt can stay in place.

2. All damaged asphalt is removed and hauled off-site.

3. Lastly, we lay a lift of hot asphalt and compact it to get the desired finished product.

Solve asphalt problems with professional patchwork

How does asphalt break down?

There are three main reasons for asphalt to break down: weather, asphalt is too thin, or there is base failure.

•   Sun and rain cause oxidation to slowly break down the asphalt binder, leaving only the aggregate exposed.

•   Thin asphalt can be caused by improper installation combined with natural oxidation. Thin asphalt will become brittle, and constant traffic flow will cause potholes to appear over time.

•   Base failure is caused when water penetrates weak asphalt and makes its way to the base. This can be the most expensive damage to repair, since both the asphalt and base material will need to be replaced.

Damaged asphalt