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Repair And Replace Any Damaged Concrete

At Asphalt Maintenance, we offer concrete services for both commercial and residential properties. Our professional, friendly staff can replace, repair, and install new concrete that adheres to local fire codes and is ADA compliant.


Our services include the removal of all damaged curbing and concrete surfaces in order to pour new concrete. We will match the existing concrete to create a seamless look throughout the area where concrete is installed.

Asphalt Maintenance is a fully- licensed and insured company. We offer a 1-year guarantee on all material and labor completed by us. Call today for more information:


Contact us to get a FREE estimate on all our concrete services, including:

•   Remove concrete

•   Replace damaged concrete

•   New concrete installation

•   Valley gutter installation

Complete concrete and curbing services

The majority of roads you see today are considered inverted crown roads where all the water drains to the center of the road. This type of road leads to drainage problems and an overall shorter life for the asphalt road. Our long-term fix for this problem is the installation of a valley gutter which follows the angles of inverted roads.


The first step in this process is to take a detailed elevation survey to determine how the road is meant to drain. We make sure that we meet the exact grade needed for drainage; a valley gutter machine then follows a string line between every grade, leaving behind a perfect valley gutter every time.

Add a valley gutter to solve drainage problems

New concrete installation and pouring services

Asphalt Maintenance is your expert source for all concrete work. We will be present every step of the way, from the excavation and layout to the final pour. Our new concrete services include:

•   Sidewalks

•   Driveways

•   Curbing