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Asphalt Maintenance - Asphalt Contractor | Bradenton FL
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Asphalt Maintenance Contractor

Asphalt Maintenance is a fully licensed and bonded asphalt contractor in the Southwest Florida area. Contact us for all your asphalt, concrete, and traffic marking needs.

Sealcoating services

Concrete installation

Traffic and pavement markings

Sealcoat helps prevent damage that can be caused by chemical spills, poor installations, and harsh weather conditions. Asphalt Maintenance will apply sealcoating on a regular schedule to ensure your asphalt will have the longest life possible. Learn more here.

Our team will remove any curbing damage, concrete surface, and install and repair existing and brand new concrete. We comply with all ADA requirements and local fire codes when installing new concrete on your property. Learn more here.

Enhance your parking lots and roadways by adding traffic markings to the asphalt. We can re-stripe existing pavement markings or lay out a new configuration for your residential or commercial property. Call us today to get a FREE estimate on all our services.  

Learn more here.

Our primary goal is to make sure you get a high-quality job that both you and our team can show off proudly.

Traffic Sign Sealcoating services