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Resurface Damaged Asphalt

Once asphalt begins to break down and the damage is too much to repair, asphalt resurfacing is your best option. Paving is a process that involves removing all damaged areas and re-paving the surface.


We provide both residential and commercial asphalt resurfacing services to the entire Southwest Florida area.

All material and labor by Asphalt Maintenance are guaranteed for 1 year. Call us today:


In Florida, the most common cause of asphalt damage is weather, particularly sun exposure. Oxidation is caused by the sun breaking down the asphalt; precipitation also plays a role in the breakdown of asphalt.


If your asphalt is not properly installed the first time, you may see a breakdown faster than expected and a new pavement may need to be installed to fix the problem. Contact us today to make an appointment and go over your options when considering resurfacing.

Common causes of asphalt oxidation

Learn more about the resurfacing process

1. All damaged asphalt is removed by either removing the asphalt from the entire site – edge mill along the curb or mini mill a few areas that need to be addressed prior to paving.

2. We apply a tack coat to keep the asphalt in place.

3. A paving machine is brought in to lay down the desired thickness and the entire project is rolled with a steel wheel and rubber tire roller.

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