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Have All Pavement Markings Painted

Traffic paint is most commonly used in parking lots and roadways. Traffic markings will help keep your residential or commercial area moving in an efficient manner. They will also enhance the look of your asphalt and provide easy traffic flow instructions.


We comply with the ADA and local fire codes to supply you with the best products available.

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Thermoplastic is a durable plastic mixed with glass beads which helps increase the life span of pavement markings in high-traffic areas. This material is made by first melting the plastic in special application machines that heat up to a temperature of over 400 degrees.


As it is applied, it forms a bond with the asphalt as it cools and at the same time, a reflective glass bead is applied to give it increased reflectivity. The cure time with this product is only a few seconds because of the high temperature at which it is applied.


Thermoplastic is required on most city roads, county roads, state roads, and on some parking lots due to its great performance in high-traffic areas.

Increase the life of pavement markings with thermoplastic

Get traffic and pavement markings painted

Qualified technicians at Asphalt Maintenance can both re-stripe existing pavement markings or lay out a new configuration. Water-based acrylic striping paint is used in all jobs completed by our team. This paint is extremely durable, with 50% solids and a polymer emulsion binder; it also dries within 5 minutes.

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